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Craig was overwhelmed with all the information out there and just needed to talk to Someone who was really buying properties from auction as a business.

"There is so much Information out there from different websites and youtube i was just overwhelmed, i just needed to ask an expert who was really in this Business, After this 45 coaching call with Brad i could see the light at the end of the tunnel and he put me in the right Direction ”

Craig Smith 


Would Highly Recommend , attending an auction trip and getting Mentorship. 

“I have been on two trips with Brad & Eric. I highly recommend their auction trips as they show you the shortcuts & make it easy. On the latest trip, I picked up one house on acreage for less than $10,000 as well as a strong lead on a second one!"”

Craig Peterson

Sechelt , BC

Michelle had completed a number of training programs. But just could not pull the trigger at an auction.

“I had taken a number of courses , and been following Brad on facebook for a while watching all the deals he was buying. After my call with him i learnt i was over analysing properties to purchase, and some of the courses i was leaning where just out of date and just not the truth, soon after my coaching call i managed to pick up a  house for just $ 6000 dollars , thanks again brad for your guidance .)”

Michelle Ross

Software Solutions

Would Highly Recommend Learning from Brads Experence !

“Brad was great! I learned how to screen the properties to find the good ones. There is a lot of value in this Coaching Call and it saved me a lot of time and possible mistakes. A must-do for anyone interested in Tax Auction Sales.")”

Lisa Gibson

Vancouver , CA

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